Mobile wireless PA system

PA-9000 is an all digital multimedia portable wireless PA system, with a built-in audio player of high resolution. All the input audio is digitally controllable and all the volume is adjusted by digital encoder. ADC sampling precision is up to 24bit/48kHz while distortion is lower than 0.01%. DAC audio resolution performance of 24bit/48kHz (THD<0.01%) enables the system to restore audio signals in high fidelity (better than CD player precision). Furthermore, IPS full viewing LCD display indicates the internal working status directly. It is the ideal choice for users who have requirements on sound quality and appearance.

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PA-9000Wireless PA System

• TI HD class-D amplifier provides power efficiency higher than 90% with better audio performance than class AB amplifier

• IPS full viewing 2.4' 320*240 LCD display indicates the internal working status directly

• Digital audio player is compatible with SD card, USB flash disk and bluetooth. It supports not only FLAC, APE, WAV and other lossless audio, but also MP3, WMA as well as most other lossy audio

• Digital audio player adopts I2S(Inter—IC Sound) digital audio protocol to connect directly with DSP, which guarantees the high fidelity performance for music play

• By adopting external plug-and-play wireless microphone receiver module, it offers flexible selection for both traditional analog receiver module in various frequency bands, and 5.8GHz digital microphone module 

• Tx/Rx USB input slot for wireless connection among several speakers 

• Dual channel plug-and-play wireless microphone module slot 

• One channel multiplexed XLR/unbalanced wired microphone input. Each microphone could adjust EQ high-bass separately 

• High performance DSP offers outstanding echo and reverb effects for microphone channels. Flexible effector configuration meets the singing effect requirements in various scene

• It has a high impedance guitar input socket, making it possible for outdoor individual performance

• 5.2AH/26V high-density lithium polymer battery pack power supply provides up to 8 hours of battery life. Removable battery pack design is convenient for users to replace the battery, tailored to satisfy the needs of outdoor parties

Maximum power: 105W


Max SPL:114dB

Frequency Response: 50Hz~20KHz


Bluetooth usage distance: >20meters

SD Card,USB Maximum Capacity:32GB

Speaker system:10-inch bass,1.35-inch treble

Battery: 26V/5.2AH

Battery Life: 6~8H

Recharging Time: 4~6H

Input Voltage Range: 100VAC/60Hz~240VAC/50Hz

Dimensions :583(H)*350(L)*338(W)mm

Weight: 12.76kg

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