Wireless multi-connector speaker   

Featuring rugged all-metal construction on both housing and transmitter,advanced features and flawless operation,Pasgao's PA-8000 system is the ultimate in portable sound.Equipped with hidden levers and pulleys,it's conventient to be taken anywhere as customer desires.

CD, USB, SD, tape, wired microphone, line input, bluetooth are the modules that can be selectively assembled on the PA-8000, offering customers more choices and convenience. Built-in storage space for handheld and bodypack transmitters ensures the transmitters easy to take and keep. What's more, it works as long as 6 hours after fully charged, making it possible to do outdoor activities where there are no power supply. Thanks to its outstanding convenience and excellent sound quality, the PA-8000 draws attention from all over the world and earns unprecedented recognition.

The PA-8000 is perfect for outdoor activities, churches, schools, conference, balls, fitness center, or any occasions where a combination of micorphone and music is needed.

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• Woofer unit,the system has very smooth frequency response,very clear and dynamic sound.The system is used Digital power amplification,substantially enhance power efficiency and battery power life.

• Use the aluminium alloy metal cabinet design,very decent and durable.

• Invisible pole and wheel design,very convenience for travelling.

• Audio Link function,it can be connected with many other speakers for the big space performance.

• Build-in CD player,Cassette and UHF receiver module.

• All audio signal source can be independently control and tweeter woofer volume control.

• Build in rechargeable battery and automatic charge device,very fast for power charge. 

• Maximum output power is 200W with 4ΩLoad(Music),worked independently

Max.Power Output: 50W(RMS)/8ΩLoad 


Frequency Range: 50Hz-20KHz

Input: CD/USB/SD/Tape/Mic/Line 

Bass: 10''8Ω125W/95.3db at 1W/1m 45Hz-5KHz

Treble: 8Ω85W/106db at 1W/1m 3.5KHz-20KHz

Power: AC 90-260V switching power

Battery: 12V/5.5Ahx2

Recharging Time: about 6H

Receiving Module: PLL synthesized UHF band

Wired Microphone: PASGAO or other compatible brand

Wireless Microphone: handheld/lavalier/headset

Output: speaker/speakerout(switched)/line out

Dimensions: 600(H)*350(L)*300(W)mm

Weight: 21.5kg

Color: black

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