Wireless  PA speaker

With a maximum range of applications and absolutely reliable sound transmission, the PA-6000 wireless PA system will truly win you over. Equipped with hidden levers and pulleys, it's convenient to be taken anywhere as you desire. Maximum 200W/4Ω load output power provides the best sound feast ever. 

CD, USB, SD, tape, wired microphone, line input, bluetooth are the modules that can be selectively assembled on the PA-6000, offering customers more choices and convenience. Built-in storage space for handheld and bodypack transmitters ensures the transmitters easy to carry. What's more, it works as long as 6 hours after fully charged, making it possible to do outdoor activities where there are no power supply. Thanks to its outstanding convenience and excellent sound quality, the PA-6000 draws attention from all over the world and earns unprecedented recognition.

The PA-6000 is perfect for outdoor activities, churches, schools, conference, balls, fitness center, or any occasions where a combination of micorphone and music is needed.

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• Automatic power control, ensuring no distortion occur in any power output.

• System uses class D amplifier, drastically improve the energy efficiency and effectively

extending the battery life.

• Supports wireless broadcast, unlimited wireless speakers can be interconnected.

• Hidden levers and pulleys design, simple appearance, easy to carry around.

• With optional built-in handheld or bodypack transmitter, easy to carry and to keep.

• Audio link function, a series of multiple systems can be used simultaneously to meet

the amplifying requirement of big occasions.

• Built-in professional CD module, bluetooth module and UHF wireless receiver module.

• Separately control all audio volumes and also adjust bass and treble separately.

• Built-in rechargeable battery and automatic charging device, takes merely 4 hours to be fully recharged.

Maximum Power: 72W(RMS)


Frequency Range : 80HZ--18KHZ

Audio Input: wireless receiver/CD/wired microphone/line input/bluetooth

Bass: 8”8Ω 95dBd/1W/1m 45HZ-5KHZ

Treble: 4”8Ω 105dBd/1W/1m 2.5KHZ-16KHZ

Power:  220V AC switching power

Battery: 12V/5.5Ah×2

Recharging Time:  8-12H

Receiving Module : PLL synthesized UHF band

Wired Microphone: PASGAO or other compatible brand

Wireless Microphone: handheld/lavalier/headset

Output: speaker/speakerout(switched)/lineout

Dimensions: 490(H)*340(L)*340(W)mm


Color: black

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