Wireless monitoring system

PR-90, as a new generation of wireless monitoring system, provides freedom of movement and natural, dynamic sound. Switchable mono, stereo, and focus monitoring modes as well as adjustable EQ and limiter functions permit natural sound reproduction. For any application, with a frequency response of 50Hz-15kHz, a high S/N ratio, and low THD, PR-90 allows each band member to better focus on his performance, and thus, be in harmony with his band mate.

With lightweight and small size, the PR-90 series provides unrestricted movement while delivering crystal clear vocals and instrument sounds with extended frequency response. It can satisfy the demanding requirements of broadcasting, recording and performance.

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• A total of 160 frequencies, 16 systems can work together in a frequency band. 
• LCD shows clear working status. 
• Optional stereo and mono modes . 
• Digital tone key locking technology to avoid possible interference. 

• Left and right track balance adjustment.

• Limit, EQ, stereo/mono setting modes.

• Infinite receivers can operate in the same band. 


• LCD screen with backlight indicates working status.  

• Optional gain adjustment

• High quality in-ear earphone


Frequency Range: 584 ~865MHz

Working Range: 80 meters

Modulation: FM
Pilot Tone: 19KHz
Optional Frequency: 160
System Compatibility: 8pcs
Frequency Response:50Hz~15KHz(±3dB)
Dynamic Range:> 98dB

S/N Ratio: > 80dB (A) 

Stereo lsolation: > 40dB(1KHz)

RF Sensitivity: < -92dBm
Image Rejection: > 50dB
Output Connector: 3.5mm PHONE JACK
Audio Output Level: Max65mW × 2
Output Impedance: 32Ω
Display: LCD

Power Requirements: 1.5V× 2 (AA) 

Battery  Life: > 7H/1300mAH

Operating Temperature Range: 0-50 ℃
Dimensions: 96(W)*200(L)*44(H)mm
Weight: 600g



Input Impedance: 5KΩ
Output Power:20mW
Spurious Rejection: > 45dB
Display: LED 
Power Requirements: 1.5V×2(AA)
Battery Life: >8H/1300mAH
Dimensions: 96(H)*65(L)*24(W)mm
Weight: 90g

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