Wide Band Directional Antenna            

The PA-2280 directional wideband antenna is a unidirectional antenna system with high gain adjustment, ultra-wideband and ultra-high compatibility. Its large wing-oriented design can effectively reduce the interference of external signals, and the transmission and reception signals are stronger and more sensitive, which can effectively increase the signal distance. It is suitable for use in large performance venues such as stadiums, concerts, and theaters.                                                                     

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• Directional antenna, can effe ctively reduce interference from outer signal

• High sensitivity, increase the signal distance

• Wide frequency range, covers all of the UHF wireless frequency bands

• Optional BNC or TNC connectors

RF Carrier Frequecy Range:  450~937.5MHz                        

Antenna Gain: 4~6 dBi

Radiation Pattern: Directional;Cardioid

3 dB Beam Width: 100 degrees

SWR: <1.3

Connector:BNC/TNC optional

Power Supply:Passive,powered directly by distributor

Operating Temperature Range: -10-50 ℃

Overall Dementions :290*260mm

Weight: 180g

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