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The PA-928U antenna splitter adopts an all-metal shell, a low-noise amplifier circuit design, and its four-channel low-loss antenna voltage divider circuit design supports four sets of wireless microphones to share an antenna system at the same time. It is suitable for large-scale performance venues such as stadiums, concerts, theaters, etc.                                                                           

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• Anti-noise and amplifying circuit design

• 4 channels low loss antenna divider circuit design, 4 sets of wireless microphonecan share one antenna system simultaneously.

• Built-in 4 channels power supply

Bandwidth: 400MHz

Gain: 0-3dB

Antenna output socket: BNC *2

Antenna input socket: BNC *8

Input impedance: 50

Output impedance: 50

Power Connector: DC socket * 4 (500mA)

Power requirements: DC 12-18V 3000mA

Working temperature range: - 10 - 50 C

Total size: 45 * 410 * 160mm

Weight: 2000g

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