The PA-80U antenna amplifier features an all-metal housing, phantom power supply design, and an ultra-wideband band that effectively covers all UHF band wireless microphones. It is suitable for use in large performance venues such as stadiums, concerts, and theaters.

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•Full metal chassis.

•Phantom powering.

•Wide frequency range, cover all of the UHF wireless frequency point.

RF Carrier Frequecy Range:  450~1000MHz                        

Antenna Gain: 10dB

Noise Factor: 2.5db

Input Connector: BNC/TNC× 1                                                     

Output Connector:BNC/TNC× 1

Input lmpedance : 50Ω

Output lmpedance : 50Ω

Power Requirments :BNC Output connector supplys phantom power 5~12V/0. 1A                                  Consumed Power : 0.6W(12V/0.05A)

Operating Temperature Range: -10-50 ℃

Overall Dementions :65*35*75mm


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