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The P1 antenna system is a unidirectional antenna system with high gain adjustment, ultra-wideband, and ultra-high compatibility. Its large wings design has wider coverage and stronger signal transmission and reception. It is suitable for use in large performance venues such as stadiums, concerts, and theaters.                                                     

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• Large wings design for wider coverage and stronger signal transmission and reception

• Ultra-wideband, the receiving frequency band covers the entire UHF channel (450-950MHz), compatible with various U-band wireless microphones

• 360 degree free orientation, 100 degree angle adjustment, flexible target locking, clear signal enhancement

• Single-direction receiving antenna can effectively reduce the interference of other equipment to the receiver

• The antenna is constructed of industrial grade standard glass copper and copper coating, which is more durable and scratch resistant

• High gain design, strong signal penetration, can effectively increase the receiving distance

• BNC connector provides phantom power supply with wide frequency bandwidth, low interference, low nonlinear distortion and good transient response

• -10~50 °C high temperature and low temperature treatment, enough to cope with the daily severe work

Frequency Range: 450 ~ 950MHZ

Antenna Gain: 4 ~ 6 dbi

Directivity: single point

Effective Angle: 100 degrees

Internal Amplifier Gain: adjustable from 1 to 16db

Internal Amplifier Noise Figure: 0.8db (typical)

Standing Wave Ratio: <1.3

Output Interface: BNC female seat × 1

Display: LCD

Power Requirements: BNC connector provides phantom power 5 ~ 12V / 0.1A

Power Consumption: 0.6W (12V / 0.05A)

Operating Temperature Range: -10 ~ 50 °C

Volume (length * width * thickness) : 360*345*30mm

weight: 795g

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