Single channel true diversity wireless microphone system


This wireless system utilizes a newly developed technology coupled with excellent sound quality and accurately captures every detail.The system has a crystal-clear sound quality and powerful user-friendly control interface. All the data showed on OLED screen can be operated and monitored via interface.Ultra-wide 42Mhz bandwidth and automatic frequency selection ensure consistent operation with no set up hassles.Each frequency band supports up to 20 systems working simultaneously without interference.With powerful features,the system is suitable for any concert or public address environment that has demanding requirements.                  

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• New wireless digital pilot technology.

• Automatic tracking tuning technology ensures the best selectivity of the system at any frequency.

• OLED dot-matrix screen display, drop-down menu control.

• Double shuttle switching switch is used for quick and convenient operation.

• 6-segment transmitter battery power indicator function.

• Built-in 3-stage equalization and RF threshold control.

• PC interface control, multi-system management.

• On-line automatic scanning selection frequency.

• Independent output listening earphone function.


• Modularized microphone head design of handheld transmitter for free choice and easy replacement 

• LCD screen with light-green backlight indicates add group,channel,battery life,RF,AF,lock status 

• Infrared data synchronization


• LCD screen with light-green backlight indicates add group,channel,battery life,RF,AF,lock status 

• 5 optional input gain adjustments from -9dB up to 6dB 

• Infrared data synchronization


Frequency Range: 500 ~ 937.5MHz          

Working Range: 100 meters

Modulation: FM

Pilot Tone: 32.768KHz

Optional Frequency: 1680

System Compatibility: 16pcs

Frequency Response: 50Hz~ 16KHz (±3dB)

Dynamic Range:> 110dB

T.H.D.: < 0.5%

S /N Ratio: > 105dB (A)

RF Sensitivity: < -95dBm 

Image Rejection: > 80dB

Output Connector: (XLRx2)/(1/4-inch connector×1)/(1/4-inch PHONES JACKx1)

Audio Output Level:  (XLR:+10dBV) / (1/4-inch connector:+8dBV)/(1/4-inch PHONES JACK:100mW)

Impedance: (XLR:3KΩ) / (1/4-inch connector:3KΩ)/(1/4-inch PHONES JACK:32Ω)

Display: OLED

Power Requirements: 12V/1A DC 

Operating Temperature Range: 0-50 ℃

Dimensions :160(W)*482(L)*44(H)mm

Weight :2600g


Gain Adjustment Range : 0/-10/-20/-30/-40dB

Input Impedance : 5KΩ

Output Power  :10mW/30mW/50mW 

Spurious Rejection:  > 50dB

Pilot Tone : 32.768KHZ

Display : LCD 

Power Requirements : 1.5V×2(AA) 

Battery Life : > 7H/1300mAH

Dimensions : 257(L)*54(Φ)mm 



Gain Adjustment Range: 0/-10/-20/-30/-40dB

Input Impedance:(Mic:5KΩ)/(guitar:760KΩ)  

Output Power  : 10mW/30mW/50mW

Spurious Rejection: > 50dB  

Pilot Tone: 32.768KHz

Display: LCD

Power Requirements:1.5V×2(AA)

Battery Life : >7H/ 1300mAH 

Dimensions: 85(H)*65(L)*23(W)mm 

Weight:  90g 

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