PAW-3600 Two-channel true diversity wireless microphone system


The PAW-3600 wireless microphone system is specially designed for various professional performance occasions. There are 13 frequency groups in it, with a total of 208 channels, and each frequency band has up to 16 non-interference channels. 

The system has the function of automatically searching for free channels, quickly and accurately selecting channels that are not interfered with, and has functions such as infrared data synchronization, which make the system easy and simple to operate.

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Frequency range: 600-900MHz 

Switching bandwidth: 25MHz 

Maximum number of channels: 208 

Sensitivity: <-210dBm 

Peak deviation: ±55KHz 

Frequency response: 60Hz~18KHz 

Signal to noise ratio:> 105dB (A) 

THD: <0.8%

Dynamic range:> 95dB 

Audio output level: 8dBu max

Power supply: 12~18V DC / 500mA 

Size: 414 * 160 * 44mm 

Weight: 2500 grams

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