Single channel antenna diversity wireless microphone system

The PAW-430 wireless microphone system consists of the PAW-430 receiver and the PAH-172 handheld transmitters, the PBT-172 bodypack transmitter.System  has 16 selectable channels, with infrared data synchronization. With multiple functions, this system is suitable  for all kinds of churches, multi-functional conference halls, schools and other venues.

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• 16 selectable channels. 

• Automatic frequency selection.

• Infrared data synchronization.  

• Pilot tone circuit design.

• Low battery indicator.     

• Infrared data synchronization.

• Low battery indicator. 

• Three optional input gain adjustments. 

• Infrared data synchronization.

RF Carrier Range: 500 ~ 937.5MHZ
Oscillation Pattern:  phase-locked loop frequency synthesis (PLL) 
Working Range: 60M in ideal condition
Modulation: FM 
Pilot Tone: 32.768KHz
Max Channel Number: 16 channels /depends on different frequency band
System  Compatibility: 4pcs
Frequency Response: 70HZ ~ 15KHZ(±3db)
Dynamic Range: > 102db
THD: < 0.8%
Signal-to-noise Ratio: > 98db(A)
RF Sensitivity: < -92dbm for 30db S/N Ratio
Image Rejection: > 50db
Output Connector: (XLR×1 )/( 1/4-inch connector×1)
Audio Output Level: (XLR: +5dbV) / (1/4-inch connector: +3dbV)
Output Impedance: (XLR: 3KΩ)/(1/4-inch connector: 3KΩ)
Display: nixie tube×1
Power Requirements: 12V/0.5A DC power supply adapter
Operating Temperature Range: 0-50 ℃
Overall Dementions:210 *44*125mm
Weight: 400g

Input Impedance: 5KΩ
RF Power Output: 20mW
Harmonic Rejection: > 50db
Pilot Tone: 32.768K
Display: LED
Power Requirements: 1.5V*2(AA)
Battery Life:  >8h/ 1300mAH   
Overall Dementions :245*47mm 
Gain Adjustable Range: -10/0/10db
Input Impedance:  (Mic: 5KΩ)/(Guitar: 760KΩ)
RF Power Output: 20mW
Harmonic Rejection: > 50db
Pilot Tone: 32.768K
Display: LED
Power Requirements:  1.5V*2(AA)

Battery Life:  >8h/1300mAH

Overall Dementions:105*65*23mm


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