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After-sales service

1. General

The company pursues the most complete after-sales service, reflects the warm, warm and warm service tenet, takes brand management and improves customer satisfaction as the guiding direction, and formulates the 2014 after-sales service policy.

2. Service commitment

1. After-sales tracking: The company will provide long-term after-sales tracking services for the products sold. Let us use thoughtful and enthusiastic services to ensure that every consumer can use satisfactory products.

2. Warranty period: Our products provide 18 months of free warranty service. All products returned to the factory will be evaluated by our company for faults and warranty periods, and classified to confirm whether maintenance costs are incurred. The warranty period is based on the product body code. For all our products without body coding, we will not provide after-sales service.

Class A: During the warranty period, all raw materials and repair costs are exempted (except for damage caused by improper use, maintenance or storage and damage caused by force majeure);

Type B: If the warranty period expires, maintenance labor costs and related spare parts costs will be charged;

Category C: Other products that are not manufactured by our company and are only inspected and repaired by our company. The customer is responsible for the costs incurred during the repair process.

Our company will communicate with customers for the costs incurred in product repairs, and repair or deliver them after the customers confirm.

3. Professional maintenance: We have professional maintenance personnel, free of charge to provide users with consultation and introduction of product use precautions and other work.

3. Management system

1. The company sets up a special after-sales service organization and after-sales parts warehouse, and distributors in various regions act as local after-sales service points to perform the duty of providing after-sales service to consumers.

2. The company and the after-sales service agencies of distributors in various regions are responsible for the collection of consumer feedback information, the acceptance of complaints, return, replacement, and product maintenance.

3. The company will hold product after-sales service training regularly or irregularly.

4. The company has established a national after-sales service hotline consultation telephone number: 0750-7182229 to provide after-sales service, consultation and answers for products in China.

5. Finished product (accessory) return, exchange and quality problem product handling rules:

After the customer receives the goods, if the product performance index is found to be inconsistent with the supplied product, it will be returned and exchanged unconditionally! (Except for human factors)

Accessories part:

Mesh head: Severely deformed or rusty in appearance will not accept returns.

Chassis: The front and side panels are scratched, rusted, peeled off, discolored, deformed, etc. We will not accept returns.

Accessories: knobs, buttons, faders, panel plugs discoloration, aging, oxidation, etc. will not be returned.

Inside the machine: Discoloration, oxidation of the circuit board, oxidation damage to the potentiometer, etc. will not accept returns.

Parts: During the warranty period, new or repaired replacement parts will be provided free of charge for faulty parts identified by the company's product maintenance service center. Outside the warranty period, the company will charge parts costs and repair service fees incurred by replacing parts.

6. Finished product part:

1. The product body code is used as the standard, the delivery period is 1 month, the appearance is not damaged and the repaired product is complete with accessories, if the customer requires replacement, after the inspection by the after-sales service department, if it is confirmed to be our product quality Questions, our company will replace it free of charge;

2. The product body code is used as the standard, the delivery period is within 1 month, the appearance of the repaired product with no damage and complete accessories, if the customer requests to return, after the inspection by the after-sales service department, if it is confirmed to be our product quality Questions, our company will return free of charge;

3. According to the product body code as the standard, if the delivery period is more than one month, and the product has quality problems, our company will replace the defective components or accessories for free;

4. Take the product body code as the standard. The delivery period is within 1 month. There is no quality problem. The unused and well-preserved prototype or trial production product can be replaced with other products of the same type at the same price or make up the difference, such as customers If a return is required, the return shall be depreciated and all freight costs shall be borne by the customer;

5. After OEM products leave the factory, no returns are accepted, and only regular maintenance services can be provided.

Four, maintenance service rules

1. The maintenance personnel of the company and distributors in various regions must be trained and qualified before they can work.

2. The after-sales service personnel of the company, distributors, and engineering companies in various regions should record the customer name, specific address, contact information, product number, purchase date, etc. in detail when receiving a repair call to find out the existing problems and malfunctions. After the above content is clearly registered, submit it to the after-sales service center for processing.

3. After receiving the repair report, the after-sales service supervisor of the distributors in each region will make a preliminary evaluation of the failure phenomenon and dispatch appropriate maintenance personnel to take care of the repair.

4. The maintenance personnel of distributors in various regions must be sincere, meticulous and careful in the service process.

5. For paid services, the maintenance staff should directly charge the customer and issue an invoice or receipt. After returning to the company, the payment should be paid to the finance immediately.

5. Customer opinions and complaints

1. The company accepts service consultation, feedback and complaints from customers and consumers through publicized hotline service telephones or other methods.

2. The service reception staff of the dealers in all regions must receive professional training before they can take up their posts. The reception process must be conducted in accordance with the company's standard language, warm and polite, and must not neglect any customer or consumer.

3. For every call, letter, or visit of the company and the distributors in various regions, the reception staff should record and fill in the relevant registration forms in detail, and transfer them to relevant departments and personnel for handling in accordance with regulations and division of labor. Emergency events should be reported in time.

4. The company has set up a multi-level complaint system, and customers can complain to the direct superior of the company party or directly to the company leader.

5. If the opinions and complaints received by distributors and relevant customer service departments of the company involve product quality and usage functions, they shall be reported to the factory's quality control and R&D departments in a timely manner.

6. The company must respond quickly and satisfactorily to each call, letter, and visit, and comprehensively sort out valuable opinions and suggestions and provide them to relevant departments.

7. Strengthen customer service, cultivate after-sales service personnel with the concept of 'customer first', frequently carry out various forms of customer opinion survey activities, and use the survey results as after-sales service to continuously improve service measures and improve service quality.

8. All opinions and suggestions put forward by customers should be reflected to the relevant departments of the company, and the handling opinions and results should be notified to customers in a timely manner.

Six, after-sales service work rules

1. Responsible for the pre-sale publicity and after-sale services of the products sold by the company.

2. Fulfill the company's commitment to customer service.

3. Timely feedback various information from customers and industries to the company.

4. Use computers and the Internet to establish and keep good pre-sales and after-sales service files.

5. Provide after-sales service training and establish after-sales service network, collect and release various related information in time.

6. Carefully keep and maintain after-sales service materials and tools.

7. Go to the scene in time to deal with various faults.

8. After-sales service of the product should be paid regular visits.

7. Service criteria, authority and emergency plan for after-sales service personnel

1. Service Guidelines

(1) First-class service attitude, excellent service quality, publicity of company culture, and establishment of company image.

(2) The service is timely and fast, with the shortest repair and waiting time, and the least repair time.

2. Maintenance personnel permissions

(1) Strictly control and keep the materials, tools and data used for maintenance.

(2) Report to relevant departments truthfully the requirements of various materials and the time required.

(3) Strictly implement the company's after-sales service management system.

3. Emergency plan

(1) If the customer has product quality problems or damage during the use of the product, and the situation requires that normal use be restored as soon as possible, the customer can be advised to prepare a certain amount of goods when purchasing, so as to avoid emergencies.

(2) If the product repair process takes a long time and affects the daily operation of the customer's project, within the scope of our company, you can apply to our company or local distributors to call the same model product for emergency, and the product to be repaired can be Return the product to our company or distributor after use.

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